The restoration of a JB tipper truck.

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Further pictures of the restoration and visiting product sample.

As you can see more holes than metal.

The Wizard Welder.

The gang of three, don't mess with these lads.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Dramatic progress pictures.

 Eight new pictures showing fantastic progress, even more impressive is they have been working "blind", as most of the original vehicles cab had rusted away.  So no old panels to copy from and no other J type owner seemed to want to help by lending their vehicle so basic measurements could be taken.
The owner of OBL432 when approached by us was happy to visit on Friday 9th September so the restorer could see one in the flesh and not on a computer screen. It was not possible to get both vehicles side by side but a lot of valuable measurements and pictures have been taken,.

It's all new metal!! Good new and thick, this is going to last a lifetime.
O/S/R chassis rail, cross-member and pivot bearing for the tipper bed.

Another view of the off side cab area.

The whole side will have to be made, including the side window opening.
Repair panels had been purchased for this project but the restorer was not happy with the quality and prefers to make his own.

Yes even the petrol tank has been made, there was no bottom left in the old one.

Its looking wonderful, that's for sure.