The restoration of a JB tipper truck.

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Super sonic progress on this pick-up truck.

Tipping gear details

Load bed risers fitted in place.
Base of tipper bed being fabricated.

A willing helper?

Wow, its looking good.

Repaired wings in place.

Progress up to 30-7-2010.

Further dramatic progress on this very rare tipper truck.

Cab floor being cut and fixed in place.
New chassis/load area support timbers.
Good view of the new fabricated inner wings.
All new metal, yes that's the end of the throttle pedal shaft.
Left hand side view of cab floor.
Wow, this is a whole new, freshly fabricated front end.
View of the offside inner wing, with shock absorber and brake shaft mounting brackets clearly visible.
The rear chassis rail has been replaced. (21-7-2010)
Trial fit of side panels and front engine cover.
The overhauled engine is now sitting in the chassis.
The seat! well wooden base/box, having a trial fit.
Another view of the engine.
Replaced central cross member.
Another view of the engine refitted to the chassis.
It's come a long way, still a little bit more to do, before the MOT.

Progress up to 16-6-2010.

This project is coming on in leaps and bounds as a change from "tin bashing" rather a lot of work has been carried out on the engine as can be seen in the picture below.
Further fantastic progress being made on this rare J type tipper. 17-June-2010
Part of the engine side covers.
Rather thin metal here!!!

Latest news on the project, hours and hours of tin bashing, lots of new metal on the rear chassis legs and a whole new cross member fabricated. (3-6-2010)
Latest news is that the engine fired up this weekend, a new petrol pump was required but after cleaning everything it fired into life.

Further views of the this major project.

Where do I put my feet?

Purchased by Bob, back at the workshop being and inspected.

Flying the flag for Britain?
View of the winding mechanism.
Squashed rear member.
The doors look to be fair, at least a good pattern to make new.
Very bad corrosion on the top of the "A" post.
Cab floor?
Inner wings needed.
The "B" series lump, the radiator was missing when purchased, note how they cut the rubber pipes to rip it out.
Rear cross member is very bad on this one, a common problem but with the extra forces due to the tipping gear mounting this member is in a bad way.
The rear end, tipping pivots and cross member have suffered from 20 years of neglect.
Chassis looks pretty good.
Close up of the tipper screw.
Dash board showing air vents! A de-lux J type.
The good old "B" series lump of power?
Needs inner wings for sure.
Tipping gear still in place.
The tipper stripped down to be inspected.